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The AS12 Assault Shotgun

The AS12 Assault is the current standard weapon for the Mobile Combat Engineers, and has proved to be a truly terrifying weapon in the rigfht hands. Designed as a Personal Defense Weapon and widely used in the private contracting industry in urban combat situations, the AS-12 was adapted by the Engineering corps and put under testing for some time. Passing with flying colors, the AS-12 has become the iconic weapon of the combat engineer in today's war with the bug.

The AS-12 gives the individual fighting man in today's Engineer corps a tremendous amount of firepower in a comparatively small package. The Combat shotgun fires 12 gauge shells 300 rounds per minute from it's 20 to 32 round drum with a effective range of 100m and is capable of firing any one of the multiple shot types available in the 12 gauge range.