The AT-9 RPG

The AT-9 Rocket Propelled Grenade is an unguided rocket light enough (in theory) for a fully manned squad to be equiped with at least two, giving them an extra punch against armored targets. Though simple enough to be operated by the average grunt with a quick glance at the manual and/or a bit of trial and error, budget issues with the AT-9 project have greatly reduced it's mass production and actual fielding in combat, restricting the weapon to only certain personel with training in the use of anti-armor weaponry of it's kind.

The AT-9 RPG fires a special chemical based HE warhead that creats a focused, shaped explosion similar to that of convensional shaped charge ment to pierce armor plate. after penetration, the energy expands, releasing a ball of energy in all directions and obliterating the contents of any bunker or tank it hits.

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