Service consists of a single term, after which civilians are granted citizenship. Terms are generally thought to last two years, but are actually an ambiguous period of time. Service can be extended for whatever reason. At the onset of service, civilians choose [ or are chosen for due to incompetence] the branch of the Federation they wish to serve in. This could be in the military, such as the Mobile Infantry or Federation Fleet, or in non-combat duties like Research and Developement. It is impossible for a civilian to be turned down from service. If, for example, a blind man in a wheel chair wanted to be a citizen, noone can legally stop him from doing so. Such a person would merely be given a menial and unimportant duty, such as counting the legs on a catterpiller. In some cases, civilians might opt to go career in their branch, particularly in the military. Doing so prevents them from gaining citizenship until honorable discharge.

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