The Federation Prototype BR2

Designed to replace the original MkIV Morita, the BR2 is refered to by many as the true spiritual succesor to the iconic Morita smartrifle. Unfortunately, the BR2 project was found to be too costly to meet it's original goal of mass production in numbers needed to fully replace the aging rifle. Never the less, the BR2's original project goals were changed and development continued. Eventually, the BR2 was field tested among multiple battalions after the victory on "Planet P" and later sent into mass production as a support weapon rather than Assault rifle. Today, the BR2 is the second most numorous weapon in the Federal Armory and has seen combat on nearly every front on the bug war.

Chambered for the 7x62mm cartridge, the BR2 is designed to be fielded alongside the Morita MkIV after it's repurposing..The BR2 comes in two different variations: The standard BR2 and the BR2-S with an integrated silencer.