Flag of the Mobile Infantry

Flag of the MI

In this section there will be links to Mobile Infantry in-game characters. Please put your characters in their proper section.

Standard InfantryEdit

Commissioned Officers (COs)Edit

Colonels (Col.)Edit

Majors (Maj.)Edit

Captains (Cpt.)Edit

Lieutenants (Lt.)Edit

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO)Edit

Master Sergeants (M-Sgt.)Edit

Staff Sergeants (S-Sgt.)Edit

Technical Sergeants (T-Sgt)Edit

Sergeants (Sgt.)Edit

Corporals (Cpl.)Edit


Private First ClassEdit


Engineering SpecializationsEdit

Medical SpecializationsEdit

Rules on CharactersEdit

Please only use this as a repository and not a place for character discussion. Remember that they are to be written IC and that any additions (Such as footnotes by commanding officers) are to be clearly stated as such.

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