The Mobile Combat Engineers (or MCE) are a sub-group of the Mobile Infantry charged with base, outpost, and defense construction, as well as bomb defusal, electrical wiring, vehicle repair, mine laying, and other necessary occupations.

Jobs Within the MCEEdit

The MCE have specializations, each MCE trooper will start out with one specialization of the following:

  • Command, Communications and Information Systems Specialist (CCaIS)
  • Building and Structural Specialist
  • Fabricator
  • Electrician

After each sapper has passed gained what the Chief Engineer believes is an appropriate amount of experience, he or she will promote that person to the rank of Engineer, and will then choose another Advanced Specialty:

  • Mine Laying
  • Bomb Disposal and Specialist
  • Vehicle Maintenance Specialists

Ranks Within the MCEEdit

The MCE also follows a different rank structure, where they have different ranks that correspond to their equivalent standard MI rank.

  • Chief Engineer - M-Sgt.
  • Veteran Engineer - S-Sgt.
  • Combat Engineer - S-Spec.
  • Engineer - S-Spec.
  • Sapper - J-Spec.
  • Trainee - No Rank


The MCE has multiple specializations, and works with other branches to accomplish it's goal.