The Mobile Infantry in SSTRP is the very backbone of the RP, the rank and file meatshield of the federal military. The MI in SSTRP resembles somewhat the same organization as portrayed in the movies but combines elements from modern military forces and the original book.


The Mobile Infantry are some of the best trained fighters.

Factions of The Mobile InfantryEdit

Though a coherent fighting unit, the mobile infantry can be broken up minto several specialized branches. Each Faction within has it's own purpose and needs for the greater good of the Federation as a whole.

Disbanded Factions of The Mobile InfantryEdit

After recent major operations in the Arachnid war, the Federal military has undergone several drastic changes in structure. After the failure of Operation Firestorm, reassesment of branches of the Federal Military brought about the disbandment and disolvment of several former factions within the mobile infantry. Though gone, most if not all duties of these former groups has been passed on to other branches both new and old. Since Operation Tempest there has been further changes.


The mobile infantry's ranks are called from every corner of the federation, from the grand cities of earth to the rising colonies of the outer rim. though it's battalions are raised on countless worlds to meat the arachnid threat head on, the equipment each man and woman is issued remains the same. Though their lives before enlistment differ, and offten their very skin a contrast, the cause that unites them remains absolute.


The basic Army Combat Uniform issued to all ranks of the Federation.

  • White standard issue 100% cotton undershirt
  • Tan standard issue boxers
  • Grey federation standard uniform jacket (convertible to a short sleeve vest in areas of high temperatures)
  • Grey federation standard trousers
  • Black federation issue belt/suspenders (suspenders are tucked in under the jacket yet over the vest at all times)
  • White standard issue 100% cotton socks (style depends on current weather, new issued as needed or requested)
  • Black federation issue combat boots


The Mobile Infantry are armed with a variety of weapons. Although the standard weapon is the Morita MkIV , it is not at all uncommon to see troopers armed with other firearms.

Some of these weapons are:


The Mobile Infantry employ a large arsenal of ground vehicles to support their operations.