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S-Spc John Thompson by one of the generators

S-Spc. John Thompson

S-Spc. John Thompson is a Mobile Infantry Engineer, equipped with a BR2, a "Thor" and grenades, as he has been authorized for these. John Thompson is about 5 feet and 3 inches high, with a scar on his left cheek, after he got hit by a "Bug". He is a strong man, with Engineering experiences, but also a good cook.


Before joining the Federation, John Thompson was a technician working on Tesla weaponry and warning systems with fellow scientists. When Thompson saw how the world had changed, he signed up for the Federation. On one of his first missions, he got "scratched" by an Arachnind on his left cheek.

After one year as enlisted, he finally managed to get somewhat back on track by joining the Mobile Infantry Engineers, where he could feel comfortable. Trained in Electronics, BaS and CCaIS, John Thompson is now a Senior Specialized.

Gm atomic0000

John Thompson awaiting orders during a bug-attack.