Tech Sergeant Leia Anders

Tech Sergeant Leia Anders is a Mobile Infantry Combat Engineer (MICE) usually seen holding a ARCher III assault rifle, 45mm grenade launcher and MICE Alpha equipment. Weighing around 160 lbs. and 5 feet, 10 inches Anders usually had a mask of some sort covering her face as she went into combat with thick goggles or a visor. Sporting a MICE helmet with her platoon insignia on the front she was rather quiet off the field and loud on the field as she lead troops into the battle, head first and spear heading a attack if needed to along with her fellow Infantrymen and Engineers.


Nothing was really known much about Anders past, only that she was a replacement trooper to fill the role of 2IC for 7th Division, 3rd Platoon, 'Hammer and Nails' Engineers. Though from what she tells troopers her background story is more of a Engineer aboard large Federal Mining barges in deep space operations.

7th Division HistoryEdit

Tech Sergeant Leia Anders or just known as Anders was a replacement Sergeant at first under the engineering branch called the "Hammer and Nails" in the  7th Division. Brought in by Lieutenant Bjeorn Gunter from the 531st division Anders at first was treated awkwardly in the presence of it's already veteran mobile infantry, another NCO to fill the gap in a position that was possibly held by another in higher regards. Despite being a replacement she was accepted by the troops after several operations with the mainline infantry, leading them on operations where standard NCO's weren't present. Gaining the trust of her fellow soldiers she moved from 'replacement' to '7th Division, Second in Command of Third Platoon Engineers, 'Hammer and Nails', Sergeant Anders." Soon enough Gunter was promoted to Lieutenant and Anders promoted to Tech Sergeant. However through the unlikeliness of combat she came to know the grueling fate of frontline troops, always expendable as it came to be unlike the logistic divisions such as the 531st. Met with the grueling demise of losses everyday it took it's toll on her, from the happy Sergeant to the grumpy over-worried protector though she had seemingly avoided reality. Over time in her career she became displaced from her standard duty, overworked or rather tired fairly quick it seemed as she now instead of leading troops hung around the back doing various things, unable to really get on the front anymore. After several more operations it had seemed she had completely lost it to a degree, openly insulting a Junior Officer during a debrief before being demoted to Sergeant and later again by the same officer to Tech Corporal. Though soon after as what was seen by cameras she had crowbar'd Herbert over the head before shooting him with her pistol, voluntarily giving herself up to the Military Police before being executed moments later. Her last words were ,"He was a shitty PR officer and deserved to die, burn his body."