Arachnid warrior

An Arachnid 'Warrior'

Wariors are a species of bug within the collection of species known as the Arachnids . They are the bulk of its fighting force, being deadly, swift, and full of utter hatred of the human race. We do not know much, but from reconnaissance reports we can tell that they are very territorial and competitive with other Warriors, usually fighting over food, shelter, or for no real reason at all. However, despite this fact, they fight together as one, putting all differences aside to defeat a common enemy -- the human race. Warriors seem to be unnerved by chemicals that are poisonous towards us, for they prove no effect. Experiments are still being done to determine if there is an easy, chemical solution to this war. Besides from chemicals, most kinetic projectiles do seem to affect Warriors, such as traditional bullets. They are capable of withstanding many of these projectiles, however, and we strongly suggest something with a little more punch. Explosives work nicely on their organic bodies, however not all explosives will pierce their exo-skeleton, so please take that into consideration.


Currently, to our knowledge, a Warrior has six main appendages, four of which are used for transportation. These consist of three parts and three joints for maximum mobility. Also note that the end of each is a point, which is excellent for scaling surfaces as well as a puncture combat mechanism. The remaining two also have three joints and parts and are located higher up. The ends of these tend to be sharper, and it's bottom side is serrated. They have no known purpose aside from combat. Other external features include two eyes (one on each side of thorax) that seem to have a limited field of vision. A nose is inexistant, and we are unsure if it can sense aromas as us humans or other mammals can. Warriors have been known to detect sound differences, however without ears, it is hypothesized that they may have an vibration detector, internally.

Nerve StemEdit

Also external, the nerve stem houses most of the Warrior's mental capabilities; a hub, of sorts. It is located on the right side of the thorax, just behind its right eye. Eliminating this appendage will leave the Warrior under 2% combat effectiveness, and will soon after die.